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After being very disappointed with the level of concern I was receiving from my local vet in relation to two of my fur babies, I decided it was time to look at an alternative rather than taking the information that I was receiving from the vet as gospel.

I was given the contact details of Maureen Thomson and after discussing my concerns regarding my two dogs she agreed to see me. Firstly, my English Staffy, who had been diagnosed with glaucoma rather late onset (even though she had her yearly check-ups) unfortunately to the extent that the eye had to be removed and the other eyes’ reading was extremely high as well and the prognosis wasn’t good.

It was during these discussions with Maureen that I found her extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. Along with offering suggestions to help alleviate the discomfort that Sophie was in, we also discussed diet change, and a more natural approach to assist with her condition.

I am very happy to say that the pressure in the remaining eye is now back within the normal range.

I also have an American Staffy that has a “gut” problem, after many $’s spent on various tests and to still not have an answer as to what may be causing his discomfort was very stressful. It was after another test with no definitive result that I decided that I would contact Maureen again to see if she could help Angus. We are only at the beginning of his journey and already seeing some results not only with his gut but also his anxiety, Maureen prescribed herbs for this. I am feeling confident that he will be one happy puppy before Maureen is finished with him.

It is truly amazing what a difference Maureen has made not only to Sophie and Angus’s life but mine, love the fact that I can now see that what we are doing is finally getting results.

Thank you Maureen 🙂

MARY, Adelaide